Damon Vinci

Frisco, TX
Phone: 972-987-0527
Email: damon@mickeyguru.com


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Getting to know Damon

Often I'm asked why I became a travel agent. My love of travel began at an early age, from road trips to visit family across the state to my first plane trip to Walt Disney World at age 4, travel has been part of my life and I want to share it with everyone! I love Disney for the escape that it provides, the customer service and the food! The next question I'm asked is how much my services cost. The great news is that it costs you nothing when you book with me. The suppliers pay me for my services so you can relax knowing that you aren't paying more for my services. While Disney is one of my favorite places to go to and to plan, it's not the only place out there. Cruises around various parts of the world, resorts and different countries provide wonderful experiences of culture, so just let me know where you want to go and we'll make it happen!

Favorite Vacation Spots

Favorite Travel Memory

On my first trip to Italy I got to meet my Italian family, including my father, brother and sister, for the very first time. I spent a week there, learning the language, culture and most importantly, getting to build a relationship with a side of my family that I never knew. The food was divine and the time spent getting to know my family was priceless. The area of the Italian Riviera, where my family lives, is breathtakingly beautiful. With views of the sea all around, and the lush, green olive fields there was never a moment that lacked for a picturesque background.