Aimee Celozzi

Naugatuck, CT
Phone: 203-598-5199


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Getting to know Aimee

I have been planning Disney vacations long before I became an authorized Disney Vacation Planner! I am so proud to have joined the Guru Team and begin living my dream as a Disney Vacation Planner.

I love sharing my Disney knowledge with family and friends. My goal is to make your vacation as stress free and as magical a possible.

I have experience in planning trips for large groups but also enjoy planning intimate couples vacations. The possibilities are endless with Disney vacations. Let me listen to your needs and customize a vacation that is perfect for you!

Favorite Vacation Spots

Favorite Travel Memory

The first time we brought our children to Walt Disney World we stayed at The Cabins at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort. It was the week of Halloween and the campsites around Fort Wilderness were decorated in a vary big way! It was impressive to see the thought and effort the campers had put in to decorate their sites. As we drove through the campground on our golf cart taking in the sights, my middle daughter, who was three at the time, said "When you see Halloween stuff, say 'Halloween Stuff!" So, from that point on, we would yell out "Halloween Stuff!" whenever we saw decorations. During our most recent trip to Walt Disney World, magic really happened for our family. Our son is developmentally delayed and although he has been to Walt Disney World several times, we weren't really sure what he thought of the experiences because he was nonverbal. This year, however, he can speak and although it might sound simple, it was so great to hear him say, "I want to go on that ride!" Every word he shares with us is precious - especially when he describes his favorite ride, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. He tells everyone, "It goes up and comes down, really fast!"

Favorite Attractions